World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: June 15

hands-981400_960_720 June 15 is world elder abuse awareness day, but unfortunately many people aren't aware of the significant abuse senior citizens in our country and around the world face. One in three nursing homes may be guilty of abuse according to one study, while another study reveals about half of nursing home residents have reported being abused. Types of Elder Abuse Elder abuse can take many forms. It can include:
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse, including assault, punching, hitting and other forms of violence<... Read more

National Safety Month: Workplace Injuries

rappelling-755399_960_720Each year, millions of Americans are injured in the workplace. About 3.3 per 100,000 full-time workers were killed on the job in 2014, and an average of 3.2 per 100 workers were injured on the job. In other words, there were over 4,000 on-the-job fatalities that year across the country and more than 3 million reported non-fatal injuries. Workplace Injuries Can Be Devastating Being injured on the job can result in catastrophic injuries and even loss of l... Read more