Medical Malpractice — Childbirth Injuries

Medical Malpractice — Childbirth Injuries

childbirth injuries

They joy of having a child is incredible, but if your child is injured or killed during birth due to medical malpractice, the effects can be devastating. If this tragedy has happened to your family, get in touch with a childbirth injuries lawyer with Irpino, Avin & Hawkins as soon as you can. We will do whatever we can to make sure those responsible for your suffering are forced to face full accountability.

Common Childbirth Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, several different injuries can occur during the birth of a child. They not only affect the infant, but in some cases can also harm the mother. If any of these affect your family, you need to contact a medical malpractice delivery room attorney immediately.

  • Cephalohematoma: A doctor will sometimes choose to forcibly extract a fetus during a substantially difficult delivery. One of the risks of doing so is an injury known as cephalohematoma. It takes place when blood accumulates between the cranial bone and the skin. While this can sometimes develop into a severe case of jaundice, thankfully it usually clears up on its own.
  • Erb’s Palsy: Erb’s Palsy, also known as brachial plexus birth palsy, can sometimes lead to surgeries to avoid permanent damage. It occurs when the shoulder or neck of an infant undergoes excessive stretching during the delivery process. Nerve damage due to Erb’s Palsy can lead to loss of motion, weakness and numbness. While most babies eventually recover completely, many do not.
  • Fractures: Fractures are common during childbirth, specifically collarbone fractures. While they can often be an unavoidable part of the process of birth, there are many instances where medical malpractice is to blame. One example is where a doctor had every opportunity to realize a complication could take place, yet chose not to deliver the baby through a C-section.
  • Hemorrhages: One of the more common types of hemorrhages that occur during childbirth is known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This is where blood vessels rupture inside the baby’s eye due to excessive pressure during delivery.

Filing a Baby’s Injury From Childbirth Lawsuit

There are many times where the action — or failure to take action — on the part of a medical professional can result in a debilitating injury to the child or mother. When this happens, that is a case of medical malpractice. If you have any reason to believe your child suffered harm due to negligence, you might need to contact a medical malpractice labor lawyer to talk about potential legal action.

Your childbirth injury lawyer will need to prove that the defendant failed to uphold the medical standard of care. The attorney will very likely call in medical experts to establish the standard of care that should be applied to your particular case. This expert will be a medical professional with extensive experience in the same field of medicine and will testify about what level of care is typically required for a doctor to be considered qualified. The expert will also be asked to provide testimony showing that the defendant failed to meet that level of care.

But it can be extremely difficult for a medical malpractice labor lawyer to prove your child’s injury was directly caused by a doctor’s negligence. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to find an attorney who has experience in these kinds of cases and a track record of success.

Please get in touch with a childbirth injuries lawyer at Irpino, Avin & Hawkins to learn more about how we may be able to help. Contact us online or call 800-7500-LAW.

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