How to Prevent Injuries on the Construction Site

How to Prevent Injuries on the Construction Site

Construction is a dangerous industry. Falling objects, electrical malfunctions, welding accidents and more contribute to a high rate of worker injury on the job, which happens all too often. The construction industry has made an effort in recent years to address workplace safety and improve conditions for workers. Construction workers can help protect themselves by taking some basic steps to improve on-the-job safety.

1. Don’t Leave Items Sitting Around the Site

The best way to prevent accidents is to take a proactive approach to eliminating their causes. Trips and slips account for many construction worker injuries. By putting away tools and cleaning up after yourself when you finish a job, you can decrease the chances that you or someone else stumbles over equipment left in walkways. Clean up spills that occur in your work area as well.

2. Maintain Equipment Properly

Faulty equipment can result in serious injuries such as:

  • Abrasions caused by broken parts
  • Chemical burns caused by spray
  • Broken bones or lacerations caused by equipment falling apart

Prevent these things from happening by following maintenance procedures for all equipment. Get it inspected promptly. Keep the manual with operating instructions in a nearby, accessible place. Replace broken parts right away and don’t let anyone use it if you encounter a manufacturing defect.

3. Use the Right Gear and Clothing

Protective gear and clothes give you additional safety measures in case something goes wrong.

For instance, if you put on safety glasses before welding, they can keep a spark from going in your eye. Hard hats, steel-toed shoes and gloves are a must-have on many construction sites. You should also consider wearing brightly colored clothes for better visibility — especially if you work at night. Make sun protection a priority, too, even if it is not mandated by your employer.

4. Meet With Your Crew to Discuss Potential Hazards

Getting everyone on the same page can prevent future problems as well. Everyone on the site should know when high-hazard work will be performed. Workers should always understand the health risks and best practices associated with any job they do. Do not operate equipment you are not trained to handle, even if you are told to do so by a supervisor. The risk of injury is just too high.

5. Report Dangerous Working Conditions

Sometimes construction sites will not follow guidelines recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which sets national standards for the construction industry. Protect yourself and the people you work with by reporting violations of OSHA regulations.

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