Legal Support for Fire Damage in New Orleans

After the smoke has cleared, trust Irpino, Avin & Hawkins Law to support you in recovery

Legal Support for Fire Damage in New Orleans

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: A smoke detector goes off in the middle of the night, indicating a fire. Not only do house fires caused terrible property damage, inconvenience and sometimes injuries, but they also can lead to irreparable damages. Even with insurance, you may lose sentimental treasures or even heirlooms that simply cannot be replaced. You may lose a pet or sustain serious burn injuries in a fire.

In some cases, house fires are so devastating that they cost you your home. You may have to move out or put up with the hassle of extensive renovations. It is no exaggeration to say that a fire can completely change your life in just minutes. If you have suffered smoke inhalation, you may find yourself facing permanently weakened lungs. Burn injuries may take a long time to heal. The emotional trauma alone can be devastating.

Why Seeking Legal Advice Is Important After a House Fire

Many homeowners assume they do not need a house fire law firm. After all, homeowners insurance is meant to offer house fire and property damage compensation in the event of a fire. The premiums you pay on your house insurance are supposed to protect you. Even if you lose everything, you assume that you will be compensated for the cost of the fire damage and any property you have lost in the flames.

It is often not so simple. Insurance companies may spend considerable time investigating or may underestimate the total costs of your property loss and other expenses related to the fire damage. In some cases, insurers will even accuse homeowners of insurance fraud.

Even if your insurer is very honest, the claims process can be intimidating. Our house fire lawyer at Irpino, Avin & Hawkins Law Firm can assist you with every step of the claims process, uncovering any additional avenues for support and compensation. If there is an insurance dispute, Irpino, Avin & Hawkins Law Firm can stand by your side and offer compassionate and professional negotiation support. Any time you need house fire property damage support, Irpino, Avin & Hawkins Law Firm is always standing by to help.

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