Elevator Accidents

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Elevator Accident Lawyers In New Orleans

Being in an elevator when it lurches to a stop or starts to freefall is terrifying. Elevators, with the doors closed, leave you with very few options for escape, and the small space can mean you’re violently shaken if something goes wrong. You may be trapped in a malfunctioning elevator for an extended period of time and you may suffer back injuries, head injuries, lacerations and other serious injuries due to the jostling of the elevator.

Quite simply, a New Orleans elevator accident is distressing and can change your life for months or even permanently. After this type of accident, you may be permanently afraid of elevators, have suffered a broken bone, or even have permanent brain damage.

Elevators in both public and private buildings should be designed to be safe. Manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that the elevators they create and manufacture transport passengers with minimal risk. In addition, property owners have a duty of care to ensure their elevators are properly maintained and inspected to offer optimal safety. When these parties are negligent and elevator accidents occur, those who are injured have the right under Louisiana law to seek compensation.

Why Should You Call Elevator Accident Lawyers in New Orleans?

If you have been injured in an elevator accident or fall, you’re under no obligation to consult with an attorney or to file a claim. However, you may quickly find the costs of your accident are much higher than you expected. You may be out of work for weeks or months as you heal. In addition, you may need considerable medical treatment to recover.

Not all of your treatments may be covered by insurance, and you may find you need to pay for many incidental costs. For example, you may be unable to drive if you’ve broken your foot in an elevator accident. This means you may need to rely on taxis or a driver to get around. You may need to hire a nurse to help you out at home while you recover. By working with a New Orleans elevator accident law firm, you can secure compensation so you can pay for some of these costs. This ensures that these costs don’t come out of your pocket and cause you financial worries.

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