New Orleans Car Accident Guide

New Orleans Car Accident Lawyer You’re on your way home from work in New Orleans. Traffic is heavy but not too bad. You estimate you’ll be home in about half an hour. You’re are paused at a stoplight, waiting for it to change, when suddenly the car behind you slams into you. The other driver wasn’t paying attention. Perhaps they were approaching the stoplight too quickly and didn’t leave themselves enough time to stop. Perhaps they were texting someone while they were driving. Perhaps they were fiddling with the radio. It doesn’t matter. You have been involved in a car accident in New Orleans, Louisiana. What should you do? Louisiana has ve... Read more

6 Signs Someone Is Suffering From Nursing Home Abuse

6 Signs Someone Is Suffering From Nursing Home AbuseThe most vulnerable people in this world are the very young and the very old. When you put your parents or grandparents in a nursing home, you do your research beforehand and try to choose the most responsible and caring facility. However, it's impossible for you to know what goes on behind closed doors and you may begin to notice worrisome changes in your loved one. They may seem more fearful or more withdrawn. Are they suffering from nursing home neglect? Here are six indicators of abuse you should keep an eye out for no ... Read more

The Different Types of Cruise Accidents

The Different Types Of Cruise Accidents Your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare when your cruise ship gets into an accident. You may have seen stories about cruise ship disasters on the news, but you never thought it could happen to you. Unfortunately, it's very possible for things to go wrong on your floating paradise. Here's a look at the different types of cruise ship accidents.

Gangway Accidents

When you embark or debark from the ship, you walk down the gangway. Most of these can be detached when the... Read more