The Different Types of Cruise Accidents

The Different Types of Cruise Accidents

The Different Types Of Cruise Accidents

Your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare when your cruise ship gets into an accident. You may have seen stories about cruise ship disasters on the news, but you never thought it could happen to you. Unfortunately, it’s very possible for things to go wrong on your floating paradise. Here’s a look at the different types of cruise ship accidents.

Gangway Accidents

When you embark or debark from the ship, you walk down the gangway. Most of these can be detached when they’re not in use, and that can lead to accidents when they are not properly attached upon arrival or departure. Gangways also can become dangerous if they are angled too steeply, grow overcrowded, become slippery or do not have the proper supervision.

Tender Boat Accidents

Cruise ships use tender boats to ferry people from the ship to the dock when a port is not accessible or to get passengers to shore activities. These small boats can be difficult to embark and debark if you do not have experience. This can lead to slips and falls and crew member negligence can make these situations worse if the passenger does not get immediate assistance. Poor weather can also cause accidents on tender boats, as when waves become high.

Slip and Fall Cruise Ship Accidents

In fact, slips and falls are a common type of accident aboard a cruise ship. Some people have trouble adjusting to the motion of the boat. Others overlook slippery conditions that naturally occur when you are out to sea. And some ships simply don’t keep up with the regular maintenance needed to keep surfaces safe.

Mechanical Malfunctions Aboard the Ship

Overall ship safety should be the primary concern of any cruise operator. Their fleet should get regular inspections, and when they don’t or when issues from those inspections are not immediately addressed, it can lead to safety issues for passengers. Engines may fail, blackouts can happen and ships can list violently.

This can lead to accidents. If you experience a sudden power failure while walking down the stairs, you could trip and break an arm. An engine failure could result in getting to port hours late when you need a doctor. And listing can cause extreme seasickness.

Defective Equipment Accidents

Cruise ships are essentially floating resorts, and like any resorts, they require proper upkeep to ensure things stay working. When those responsible for the maintenance fall behind, equipment can get broken or fall into disrepair, which can lead to accidents. You could be hurt by:

  • Malfunctioning escalators or elevators
  • Old or unsafe recreational equipment
  • Sliding glass doors that don’t work

Have You Suffered a Cruise Ship Injury or Mishap?

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