Steps to Take After a Hit-And-Run Accident

Steps to Take After a Hit-And-Run Accident

It happens all too often in LA. You get hit by car, but before you can even react, the car squeals away from the scene of the accident, leaving you in shock and uncertain what to do in these traumatic circumstances. The other car has damaged your own, and you yourself may even have sustained an injury. You’ve become the victim of a hit and run, and while you may be scared, you need to keep your wits about you to protect yourself, your vehicle and perhaps even your property, depending where the accident occurred.

Read on to learn what to do after a hit-and-run car accident.

1. Evaluate Your Own Health

First, make sure you are okay. You may need medical attention, and you should obtain it immediately if you were seriously injured in the accident. Everything else can wait when your health is in danger.

2. Record All the Information You Can

If you have determined that you are okay physically, the next step is to record the details of the accident. You will want to actually write this information down on paper or type it into your phone because it can be easy to forget small details, especially if you remain in shock after the accident. Things you will want to note include:

  • The hit-and-run car’s license plate number, make and model
  • General description of the vehicle, such as color and condition
  • What direction the car was heading
  • The name of the road you were on when you were hit
  • Names of any witnesses

Make your observations as in-depth as you can. You should also take photos of any damage done to your car. Snap pictures of your injuries, too, if you have any.

3. Report the Hit and Run to the Authorities

Call the police and file a report based on the information you have obtained. They will need to know anything that might aid them in tracking down the perpetrator. You will need to share your contact information with them, and they may come to the scene to investigate.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company to give them details on the accident. Keep all your notes in front of you so you can describe exactly what happened. The sooner you do this, the better — ideally right after the accident occurs. Some insurance policies have deadlines for reporting a hit and run, such as requiring they are informed within 30 days of the accident. Plus, the faster you report it, the fresher the details will be in your mind.

5. Contact a Hit-And-Run Lawyer to Represent Your Best Interests

Hit-and-run accidents occur every day in Louisiana, and you need an experienced hit-and-run attorney in New Orleans who can guide you through the days after the accident. Get in touch with Irpino Avin & Hawkins Law Firm. We have experience dealing with hit and runs and getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We can also assist you in dealing with your insurance company.

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