4 Benefits of Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

4 Benefits of Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

Are you considering joining a class action lawsuit? A class action suit occurs when a group of people, or class, who all suffered harm from the same company or person, files a lawsuit together. Say you bought a car from manufacturer X, for instance, that was later found to have a problem with the brakes. Say you got hurt in an accident when your brakes failed before the issue had been identified. You might be eligible to join a class action suit against the manufacturer.

Being eligible and actually joining the suit are two different things. Not everyone who could participate in a class action chooses to do so. Are you weighing your options with regard to a class action? Then consider these four benefits of joining a suit.

1. You Save on Legal Costs

When you join a class action suit, you all divide the costs of your legal representation because the same people are fighting for all of you. The more people who join the class, the less you will have to pay.

2. Similar Recoveries for Every Plaintiff

If you choose not to participate in a class and instead individually sue the manufacturer of the car, you may receive a smaller settlement than someone else with a similar case who also sues the company. Every case is different, so you can’t assume that because one person got $50,000, you will get the same. You could get $5,000. With a class action, all plaintiffs receive the same recovery, so no one loses out on potential money.

3. Greater Publicity for the Case

The more people who join a class action, the more attention it is going to get. If you want to let people know about an issue behind the litigation, joining a class action could give you a chance to do that.

For instance, say the defect on the brakes came because the manufacturer had moved production out of the country to a place where standards are lax. You want to call attention to this issue, and the class action will surely address it during the trial. This will attract the media and undoubtedly lead to more discussion of what you feel is a vital concern.

4. The More People Who Join, the Stronger the Claim

If two people say the brake problem led to crashes, that’s not as worrisome to a company as if 1,000 people say it. Plaintiffs gain greater negotiating power when there are more of them. This could lead to an out-of-court settlement, which will save you and your fellow plaintiffs money in legal costs.

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